Q: How does a team receive their team unique code?

A: All the participants will only receive the team unique code on completion of registration process.

Q: Where all do the participants need to use their team unique code?

A: All the participants would be using their team code on the top right corner of their sheets, as the name of their submission and wherever requested by the organizer. This code will be their only identification for the process related with this competition.

Q: What is the limit or cap on the number of team members and can anyone participate individually?

A: A team can have up to three members and cannot exceed this number. The participants who desire to participate individually can do so by fill and submitting the details for the team leader.

Q: Can I change team members after I register?

A: Teams are welcome to add any new members as long as their total members do not exceed 3. However they are prohibited from swapping or removing any existing member of the team. To do this please sends your request to questions@volzero.com with the details of the new team member requested by the organizer with the team unique code.

Q: What is the nature of the competition and is it open for all?

A: Unbox Design Competition 2017 is an open ideas design competition with no intentions to execute the proposals submitted in any form. The competition is open to all and students and professionals from all walks can join the competition.

Q: Are the teams allowed to share their work for the competition before the winners are announced by the organizer?

A: The participants are only permitted to share their proposal for the competition on social media or any other platform once the winners are revealed officially. Volume Zero will also publish each submission at this date and will be working with many design platforms to attract publication opportunities.

Q: What are the modes of submissions?

A: The participants are requested to submit their work on an A1 size sheet in JPEG format(150 DP1 Resolution).

Q: What file name should be given to submission material?

A: The participants are requested to submit the files with their unique team code as its name.

Q: What unit system should any participant adhere in case of any one wants to show dimensions?

A: The participants are free to use any one of imperial or metric unit systems.

Q: Are the participants free to choose their site for the design proposal?

A: Yes the participants are free to assume a location or site for their designs.

Q: Does the selected site needs to be in specific location and can it be completely hypothetical?

A: The sites assumed by the participants can be in any location in the world and also can be completely hypothetical.

Please submit any further questions you might have regarding the competition to, questions@volzero.com